Do you stand out? Look at 3 fundamental traits of successful employees.

1.       Punctuality

You might be thinking “who doesn’t know it’s important to be on time!?”  However in a recent article on it stated that “one in five Americans (19 percent) arrive late for work at least once a week while just under half (48 percent) are never late.” That’s incredible!!

The article mentioned that “millennials tend to show up late more often than older colleagues. 22 percent of them said they arrive late for work at least once a week compared to just 15 percent of people aged 55 and older. A mere 38 percent of millennials said they never arrive late for work compared to 55 percent of older workers.”

Now it’s true not all people share the same philosophy regarding time, yet I think we’d all agree you ultimately only hurt yourself if you develop the reputation for tardiness. We can all be replaced by someone else in the workplace; someone more creative, more educated, more worldly wise. However, don’t let if EVER be simply because they tell time better than you.

2.      Respect

If it’s respect towards your boss or towards your workmates, your efforts will be rewarded reciprocally. Meaning you’ll get what you give, and sometimes more. Let’s face reality, your boss is not going to be your buddy, pal, or BFF. They are your boss due their own merits and deserve the respect they are owed. You may not like them, but they are part of the team (the leader no less)  the you agreed to work with so get to it!!

Respecting your coworkers is essential for any sort of peace and tranquility at work. That being said there have been those employees that simply make it impossible to have a peaceful day to day existence at the office. Do your best, remember, you will be rewarded reciprocally so you may have to put a little more effort into it.

3.      Mindset

Mindset can include number of things, however let’s focus on passion and initiative. I hope you find yourself working in your dream job, doing exactly what it is makes you happy.  Unfortunately, not every can say they are there yet. Many are still working towards that goal step by step. If you have a success driven mindset and do not lose your passion for what drives you, you may find fulfillment in your goals sooner than you think.

This type of spirit in the workplace, whether your dream job or not, is what foments productivity, positivism, and makes you an incredibly valuable employee! Take it the next level, use your passion to find ways to take initiative and contribute even more to the success of your team. Look to the big picture, where is the team going; will you make your marks this quarter; do what it takes to inspire others and keep a successful mindset.

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