Are you succeeding from home? 4 tips for a productive mindset.

While remote work, telecommuting, or work-from-home positions are growing more and more popular for their business efficiency for employers and convenience for employees, we still face some of the same challenges with the day-to-day routine.

According to Global Workplace Analytics more and more Americans are able to take advantage of remote work. They inform us that 50 percent of American jobs are “compatible with at least partial telework.” That being said, productivity has always been the measure of success.

There are some that work remotely living less than 20 miles away, while others work thousands of miles away from the office. (Weigh in on your telework experiences) Regardless of the distance, we all have to stay focused and productive during the workday. Here are a few tips for success:

1. Get up, get dressed.

We’ve all seen those ads with someone sitting in their pajamas with a laptop supposedly working the day away. The one I love is the guy at the beach working remotely. No matter what supports your lifestyle, dressing up for work has inspirational and psychological impressions on us.150339798

From the moment you get out of the shower and into regular clothes your mindset changes. You’re more alert, the neurons are firing faster, and you all of the sudden have a laser focus on what you’re going to accomplish for the day. GO FOR IT!



2. Stay in the office!

The greatest enemy of productivity is …DISTRACTION! You’ll never know just how easy it is to get distracted until you start working from home. However, it’s not always little things like the television, gaming console, or your favorite social network. Sometimes it’s the common misconception of duality! I get this one from my wife on a WEEKLY basis. “Well you’re at home! You can take care of this…or that”0d51cada0343eab3_2672-w500-h400-b0-p0--contemporary-shed

When you work from home you are still “at work”! So many times we try to multitask to such an extent that we create to-do lists that fall outside of our scope of daily work. Yes, that’s right, to-do’s like clean the garage, paint the bathroom, do the laundry, etc. You get the idea. Stay focused on work while you’re at work, if you have a home office then keep your mindset focused on success at work. Organize yourself to take care of home-life tasks AFTER work-life time.


3. Keep it real!

Let’s go back to that couch in the ad. How productive or focused can you stay of you’re chilling on the couch or reclining at that beach!! Let’s be real, your creativity and inspiration grow when you keep yourself in an appropriate environment. You’re working, so sit at a work desk/table that promotes ergonomic posture that foments proper circulation to brain; your creativity machine!! The couch will be there when you need it…


4. Give me a break!

Yes, you deserve a break. Do you remember when you used to work at that corporate office, it always seemed so structured right!? You got lunch from 12-12:30 and selective 15 minute breaks. Remember?

So now you’ve broken out and are in full control of your day. Wow!! I’m sure you’ve found yourself asking, where did the time go during the day?! Some of you may have maintained a structure to your workday, meeting with clients, presentations, and business development. Yet others may a more liberal time structure. Regardless of your situation this principle applies to all: You must organize your time and activities to achieve maximum productivity.

Many have found it beneficial to use alarms to provide structure for your daily activities. It keeps you accountable and makes sure you don’t lose track of the day! No one wants to get to 5pm while your still on activities from 1 o’clock. Look at your routine and set up a schedule that works for you!

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