Either you have it or you don’t

If you’re not reaching toward goals and advancement as an agency, business, or person then you have no drive. I’m sure you’ve heard it before during an interview, business managers will assure you that their company is the best because of their benefits program, or perhaps it’s the vacation package, or even better the infamous “work-life balance”. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find the manager that has some spirit and tells you it’s because of what the business has accomplished.

However, in a recent report by Deloitte it was stated that “organizations need workers with passion to realize extreme sustained performance improvement.”  If you, and naturally your business, are realistically working day-in and day-out, then you’re doing so with the aspiration to progress, grow, and achieve more. Yet no matter how many reasons you use to convince yourself that your business is the greatest, if you don’t have passion you won’t make it long term. Your team will not be comprised of driven, passionate people and therefore there will be no “extreme sustained performance improvement”

I have incredible passion, and love what I do”, you might say. As a business owner that’s fantastic! Yet if your hiring manager or recruiting partner do not know to how to look for people who share that passion, you’re in trouble.  If you are not transmitting your passion through every department of your business, or every aspect of your life, it’s not going to go anywhere.

It is partially due to the fact that as a society we have slowly lost our individual passions. We’ve grown content to settle for average. Working just hard enough not to go broke; that mentality feeds and foments a natural declination of daily activities. The “I’ll do just enough” attitude means you’re no longer reaching for dreams, you stopped aspiring for something greater, and you’re not pushing forward.

That describes, in many cases, the pool from which you are considering your employees, partners, or future employers. You have no reason to settle for just “good enough” go for GREAT! Rejuvenate your dreams, aspirations, and goals. Stop creating pretexts for great passion, you either have it or you don’t!

Find yours and get it fired up!!!

One thought on “Either you have it or you don’t

  1. Thanks very inspiring words. It’s easy to get in a routine and then frustration sets in which impacts getting out of the routine. Sometimes you just have to find your way out reading, talking to people etc to motivate ☺


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