Director, Perfusion Services – York, PA



In addition to performing the duties and responsibilities required to function as clinical perfusionist,  the Director shall provide the necessary leadership to the Department of Perfusion Services to assure safe patient-centered care in a cost-effective manner in an environment which continuously promotes quality improvement.

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  • Achieve financial objectives through the preparation, examination and justification of departmental budget; by monitoring expenditures and initiating corrective actions. Actively seek new business opportunities which grow department revenue.
  • Attend 80% of director meetings and actively communicate with other directors.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and proficiency with the operation and maintenance of perfusion equipment.
  • Demonstrate the application of clinical perfusion skills by adhering to departmental and professional standards.
  • Encourage research and formal presentations within the department. Participate with the submission of one scientific abstract per year.
  • Ensure a qualified and competent perfusion staff by selecting, coaching, scheduling, motivating and assisting in the development of employees of the Department of Perfusion Services.
  • Ensure adequate staff coverage for elective and emergency procedures by preparing the daily and call schedule.
  • Ensure appropriate equipment inventory and maintenance. Assist with the transport of equipment and evaluation of new equipment or process.
  • Ensure compliance of all personnel with annual and new mandatory requirements within identified timeframe.
  • Ensure operational responsibilities are met, appropriate inventory levels maintained, minimize waste, and provide monthly reports to senior management to include budget variances, revenue generation, and charge auditing.
  • Ensure patient safety and quality of care by developing, implementing, and monitoring policies and procedures; by adherence to organizational, departmental and outside regulatory requirements; and by monitoring operational and clinical outcomes.
  • Maintain and strengthen clinical and managerial competency by learning new specialties, reviewing professional publications, and participating in growth oriented developmental activities.
  • Maintain appropriate, timely, and accurate documentation of all procedures.
  • Maintain competency/proficiency with laboratory equipment and processes. Understand and implement specific regulatory requirements and QA practices
  • Maintain continuing education, ABCP certification, PA license, and clinical competencies.
  • Maintain optimal communication, close cooperation, and consultation with attending physicians.
  • Maintain oversight of new staff, perfusion students, and others through education, orientation, and training. Demonstrates effective instruction and supervision of students by adhering to the clinical objectives of the UPMC School of Perfusion.
  • Maintain proficiency with various perfusion techniques to include hemodilution, hemofiltration, induction and reversal of hypothermia and hyperthermia, perioperative blood management, myocardial preservation, circulatory support techniques such as ECMO and VAD, liver bypass, and chemoperfusion for HIPEC, Isolated Liver Perfusion, and Isolated limb perfusion.
  • Participate in a performance improvement process and report to leadership quarterly.
  • Participate on one committee with patient care as the focus
  • Provide perfusion support to STAT Med Evac for VAD/ECMO patients transported via fixed wing and rotary aircraft.
  • Responsible for the administration of medications, blood components, and anesthetic agents via the extracorporeal circuit in consultation with or under the direction of the attending physician.
  • Serve as a role model of excellent clinical quality and customer service.
  • Support Procirca contractual obligations by contributing to the successful execution of services. The director will participate on the call schedule. Support Procirca process of staff sharing where demand is greatest.
  • Bachelor of Science degree.
  • Minimum five years of clinical experience demonstrating advanced knowledge and proficiency in perfusion procedures.
  • Demonstrated analytical and problem-solving skills to reach logical conclusions based on established evidence for routine resource, operational, financial and personnel decisions.
  • Demonstrated ability to understand the key factors that determine the effectiveness of the operations of the department, develop and follow a monitoring system.
  • Effective interpersonal and communicate skills.
  • Ability to adapt to change to reach goals of both UPMC and Procirca.
  • General computer skills to include Word, Excel, Power Point, and database management required. Administrative experiencerequired.

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    Licensure, Certifications, and Clearances:

    Certification by the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion within 24 months of hire date.

  • Act 34 Criminal Clearance
  • American Board Cardiovascular Perfusionist
  • American Board Cardiovascular Perfusionist
  • Automotive Insurance
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • Cardiopulmonary Perfusionist
  • Driver’s License

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